“Dr. Sebi” Was Either A Complete Fool Or A Complete Fraud, But He Was No Healer

“There were 2,781 cases that came before the supreme court and lost, I won. Not only did I prove scientifically but I had the diagnostic sheets and I still have them today.”

Alfredo Bowman, Rock Newman Show, 00:19:52

“The judge said that I had to bring one of every patient that I had cured and there was one that said others. The others was a man that came from Italy, he was paralyzed. I was supposed to take 9, I took 77.”

Alfredo Bowman, Rock Newman Show, 00:21:04

“I told Mr. Teddy Pendagrass you paid the doctors $275,000 and they have you paralyzed. Tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna charge you half that price but when I get to your waistline, got everything is moving except your leg, you’re gonna give me half my money. He said ‘alright’.”

Alfredo Bowman, Audio Recording: 00:04:02

“This young lady came to me because she needed help, right, her eyes were blinking very fast and she had her little thing that she was suffering with and she wanna get rid of. And she got rid of them. It was 4oclock in the morning, she’s in a 21 days fast. No, 42 days fast. Lisa came in the hut where I was living with these 2 cups of sea moss, I had her drinking sea moss. She said ‘You know you’ve helped me but you need healing’ and she was right… At the time I was involved with 3 different wives, I had 3 wives then, (names retracted). And my life was not as stable because I had other women pregnant, ya know, a young girl 19 years old were pregnant outside of those 3 wives… so Lisa said to me that I needed help and you know, I didn’t know how much help I needed until Lisa told me that morning.”

Alfredo Bowman, Rock Newman Show, 00:37:22

“But When I look at it carefully, the African were right to kick me out. They are right to reject me, every African country. They are right because the African people are totally unaware that what they’re eating is undermining their struggle, undermining their existence. Africa is eating starch and blood. Starch and blood. Now, let us take that to the laboratory and see if there’s food there, no, there’s no food.”

Alfredo Bowman, Rock Newman Show, 00:44:40

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